About Us

Since 1919, our company has been one of the leading specialists in the manufacture of forged forestry and gardening tools as well as high-quality wooden tool handles. Our competence is our production site in Waghäusel, where the knowledge, infrastructure and experience of the entire ADLER team are bundled. From here, we react quickly and flexibly to customer-specific requirements – both nationally and internationally.



We produce garden and forestry tools with heart and soul.
We are passionate about gardening and forestry, nature and outdoor activities.

Customer orientation

We use only the best materials and employ the most advanced production techniques for the best possible quality. We value long-term cooperation based on partnership, as well as open and solution-oriented communication with our customers.


We are a family business and work together as a community. We enter into personal contact with customers and are available to all.


Forge & Metal processing

In Waghäusel we forge our tools from high quality carbon steel. Our tools are ground and polished with great skill and sensitivity.

Wood Processing

At Adler, finished tool handles are created from board material and wood blanks. We process FSC® certified European ash and selected original US hickory wood.

Assembly, further processing & quality control

From professional handle assembly to individual laser engraving, to color-painted handles and tool heads – all steps until shipment take place in-house.

Sustainability at Adler Werkzeug

FSC® certification

As a wood-processing company, we feel it is our duty to use raw materials in an exemplary manner and to treat our environment with care. The FSC® certification (license code: FSC-C020505), which we renew every year, is our way of making our contribution. The FSC® label is a clear indicator that the wood from which our products are made comes from responsible forestry with legitimate and controlled logging.

Water-based paints

With the aim of reducing solvent emissions in paint shops and other painting facilities, an EU directive was implemented in 2001 – 2007. In accordance with the Europe-wide requirement, we installed a new varnishing line as early as 2004. From the very beginning, all our wooden handles have been painted with environmentally friendly water-based paints. Our advantage: reducing environmental pollution, offering a pollution-free working area for our employees, significant competitive advantage over international tool manufacturers.

Renewable energies

We attach great importance to renewable energies at Adler. Wood waste (shavings, sawdust, wood trimmings) generated during production is used to fuel our heating system (700kW heating capacity). With the recovered heat we can heat our production halls, the administration building and the drying chamber in their entirety. This is how we live sustainability – continuously and consciously.
We process further surplus wood waste into high-quality wood briquettes for heating, which we offer for sale to private households.